Casino wheel games – Different types of casino wheel games

Casino laser slot 10 รับ 100 wheel games are casino games that involve a spinning wheel with symbols and numbers. You can play various casino wheel games. Below, we explain how the most common and popular casino wheel games work.

Double Ball Roulette – Wheel game

In Double Ball Roulette, you will play with an extra spinning ball on the Roulette wheel with either a single zero wheel (1-36) or a double zero wheel (1-37). You bet on the outcome of 2 spinning balls on the wheel. You can make outside bets, inside bets, or a double ball jackpot in double ball roulette. To win the outside bet on a red number, both of the 2 balls must stop at a red number.

To win an inside bet, both 2 balls must stop at your chosen bet numbers. An inside bet gives you double your wins. Lastly, to win the double ball jackpot, you need to guess the number the ball lands on and if the ball stops at your chosen number. You can play Double Ball Roulette at online casinos and offline casinos. Make sure to check out Haz Casino double ball roulette slots and play with 2 balls simultaneously. You can play with your 2 balls at the same time.

Multi-Wheel Roulette – Wheel Game

As the name hints, Multi-Wheel Roulette is played with several wheels. In fact, up to 8 wheels simultaneously, you can bet on and see the ball spin around on. This means to make a bet that is active on all 8 independent wheels simultaneously. So if you make a bet on red and 3 wheels stop at black, it means you grab winnings from all 3 wheels from your bet.

Or if you bet on red on 5 wheels and the wheels stop at 5 wheels, you win from all the 5 wheels simultaneously. You are free to choose if you want to activate and bet on all 8 wheels or if you want to bet on 4 active wheels. THe choice is yours; you can start 1 wheel or up to 8 wheels simultaneously. You can play multi-wheel Roulette with up to 8 wheels at the casino Vegaz Casino.

Big 6 wheel – the casino game based on the Wheel of Fortune concept

The Big six or Big 6 wheel is based on the idea of Wheel of Fortune. The wheel in bix six has 54 segments, and each of the 54 segments is marked with 6 values. The 6 values include 5 numbered or colored segments and 1 wild/joker symbol. Your task is to bet on a segment and hope that the wheel stops at the segment you placed your bet on.

Casino Dice games – different types of casino dice games
Casino dice games are casino games that are mainly played with dice in combination with cards and chips. Below we will explain the most common and popular types of casino dice games you can play.

Sic Bo – popular dice game which originated from China

Sic Bo is a casino dice game of chance that originated from China, and Sic Bo is also referred to as Dai Siu, Tai Sai, Hi-Lo, or the Big and Small game. You play Sic Bo with 3 dice, and your task is to guess the outcome of each dice roll by placing your bets in chips on a table with specific bet boxes. You win if the result of the dice matches your bet. Each of the 3 dice is rolled in an electronic dice shaker. There are 2 dealers present who oversee the gameplay and exchange chips.

Casino Lottery games – different types of casino lottery games
Below you find more information about the most popular types of casino lottery games.

Keno – a lottery-themed casino game with numbers

Keno was founded during the 19-th century in China, and Keno is a lottery-themed casino game where you bet on numbers between 1 – 80. Your task is to pick your favorite numbers and wait for the game to draw 20 random numbers. If the 20 random numbers match your 20 selected numbers, you win. However, you do not need to get all 20 numbers correct as Keno pays out according to how many numbers you chose correctly. You can also hit a jackpot win if you pick the correct numbers on a ticket with 9 or 10 numbers.

Bingo – a game of chance with balls and numbers
Bingo is a game of chance that became popular to play around the 1530s in Italy. Bingo is played with different variants of balls. From 75 balls to 90 balls. To play a bingo game, you need to buy 1 bingo ticket card with numbers. After that, the game starts, and balls with various numbers are randomly drawn. If any of the numbers on the balls matches the numbers on your bingo ticket, you simply cross it off. You can get matching numbers on a row, diagonal, or an entire column.

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